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Many people know about the power of mentorship, but there are few that are actually using it to their full advantage. Whether it is for moving ahead in business or making it through a stage that is not clear, mentors are there to both challenge, push, inspire, and inform the ones they are mentoring. Good business people are smart enough to not hold back when it comes to finding and investing in an experienced mentor.

Entrepreneur and business owners can often fall short of their goals and aspirations. It is just that the path to success and achievement is sometimes long and sometimes has twists and turns that are confusing. The details, lack of certainty, and confusion can tire the person and stifle their reach. Whenever one falls short of their goals, mentors are there to help for different parts of the road.

Business requires a constant growth mindset that is sometimes hard to keep up by oneself. It is easier for a side person with more experience to help lift the spirits and push the ones they are mentoring to overcome the inner resistance that most of us are hardwired with. It is sometimes equally hard to overcome the fear of failure as well as the fear of fast growth. While the different parts of the way require different people helping out, mentors that are further down the path as the one seeking help should be constantly sought out to help the business grow.

Good mentors can show the path to a measurable goal. Having clear goals is the thing that pushes away stagnation or backward motion. A mentor can challenge the clarity one has for the achievement of their plans and make sure that the blind spots are lighted up.

Good mentors are there to push others. Goals are about growing and growing is not always comfortable. Communicating with the mentor is a way to feel more accountable for achieving something that was talked through with another person.

A good mentor is someone who is open to sharing their personal experiences that can help and inspire others. There is no use of going through mistakes that others have already identified and overcome. A mentee is responsible for always asking questions to learn and get the most out of their mentors