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When people hear “cannabis” perhaps they imagine a teen smoking a joint in a vacant parking lot with his friends. But the science of cannabis had evolved so much in the past years that now there are a myriad of ways to consume or ingest cannabis. What are some of those ways? Consumers can intake their cannabis via CBD powder, a cannabis-infused transdermal patch or even through a cannabis-infused sparkling water with their dinner.

As you peruse the local dispensary, you will see that pretty much anything you can drink, eat or apply to your skin comes with the option to be infused with cannabis. With so many new cannabis consumers, there is a huge demand for new products and ways to consume their cannabis. Alternative delivery systems are being researched daily.

Who are these consumers? The majority are first timers, mainly medical cannabis patients who are looking for ways to consumer cannabis that doesn’t involve a joint or bowl.

Nonalcoholic Marijuana Beer

Cannabis-infused beers are quickly becoming a nationwide trend, with ebbu on the helm of this creation. Keith Villa, the creator of the very popular Belgian Wheat Ale for Blue Moon has partnered with ebbu to brew three different beers by removing the alcohol and infusing cannabis extracts. The team at ebbu and Villa envision brewing a light beer, a stout, and a wheat beer.

Cannabis-infused water

Cannabis-infused water doesn’t have the smell of pot, but still has the ability to get you high. You can use it as ice cubes in your drink, or drink it straight from the bottle to wash down your dinner.

Marijuana Topicals

Marijuana topicals such as salves and lotions are applied directly to the skin in order to address pain or inflammation, or boh. There are also THC-infused sublinguals, cannabis-infused tinctures and transdermal patches. These patches work similarly to a nicotine patch.

Traditional Methods

There are still some consumers who want the experience of inhaling their cannabis, and they have not been forgotten. These consumers can find a myriad of options on their local shelves such as shatter, bubble has, clear isolates and even concentrate cartridges of CO2 oil.

What is the future of cannabis delivery? At ebbu, they believe that the future of cannabis is limitless. When consumers know that they can rely on the reliable and repeatable experiences provided by ebbu, they feel empowered to try a myriad of different delivery methods until they discover exactly what fits their needs best!