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Learning leadership is an important aspect of managing a business, and many of the skills necessary for cultivating leadership within management can be learned while on the job. In fact, learning while working is one of the most hands-on approaches to learning leadership skills. The following are 5 ways that managers can learn leadership skills while working on the job.

Professional Development

Many workplaces offer professional development for those employees or managers who are qualified and want to move up within the company. These experiences are great for learning leadership skills while on the job. Often, professional development and training courses are exactly how managers move into their positions of authority. As a manager, ask your boss if there are any such courses available in your company.


Feedback and communication are important for leadership. Taking into account your team and employees opinions, concerns, and personal comments is a giant step toward building a highly functional and successful business. Try to hold regular meetings with both managers team members in order to better gauge how business is flowing and to ensure that everyone within your business is satisfied with their work.

Utilize Technology

Technology is a game changer when it comes to running a business and instilling leadership in managerial staff. Through the use of smartphone applications and advance POS systems, managers can keep a better track of their progress, as well as the responsibilities of others within a team, all at the click of a button of the swipe of a screen.


A mentorship is a perfect way to gain highly personalized leadership skills while learning one-on-one from a professional. Many managers seek mentorships from their bosses or associates who are higher up in a company. Not only will you learn valuable leadership skills through mentorship, but you can also learn better business skills and moral lessons. The hardest part is choosing the right mentor.

Relations Between Managers and Their Teams

Managers will learn the most about the business and themselves through their team. How their team responds to their leadership is an accurate reflection of how the manager leads. Managers should meet with their employees at least once a week to receive feedback and collaborate on ideas to progress the business.