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Fall down 99 times, stand up 100. That’s the life of an entrepreneur. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who is facing continuous failures. Don’t give up! Who are some famous examples of entrepreneurs who failed before ultimately meeting success? The following two men are household names, yet many people are unaware of their stories.

Walt Disney

Everyone has heard the name Walt Disney. What everyone may not know is just how many failures Walt Disney faced before ultimately succeeding. He launched his first animation studio in 1921 with a partner. The partners were forced to dissolve and the company crumbled, leaving Disney without a job.

Walt didn’t let this failure deter him. He built another animation company named Laugh-O-Grams. Unfortunately, he had too many employees and not enough revenue and was forced into bankruptcy within the year.

Still undeterred, Disney moved to Hollywood and created the Disney Brothers’ Studio. He debuted Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie” and received his first Academy Award the following year. This was only the beginning of the success that Walt Disney would see!

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is the founder of Ford Motor Company. That fact may lead you to believe that he has always been met with success but that could not be further from the truth. Henry Ford founded the Detroit Automobile Company in 1899 but it was not long until he hit potholes. His first prototype did not turn out as expected and he kept going back to rework the model. This led investors to become annoyed with him and eventual the entire company dissolved.

Ford did not allow this to end his dreams. He realized that he was making the process too complicated and he decided to change his method. He began working with William Murphy again. However, Ford was feeling pressured to produce too quickly and he severed ties. He realized that he needed complete independence from his investors, and once he realized this, he couldn’t be stopped.

The above two men are just two of the millions of entrepreneurs who have faced setbacks before ultimately meeting success. Stay tuned for my next installment in this series where I will discuss more entrepreneurs who faced failure long before meeting success.