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Jon Cooper

Cannabis Industry

Jon Cooper is the founder of ebbu™, a multi-platform cannabinoid technology company.

Jon Cooper and the ebbu team are determined to research and develop formulations that deliver repeatable, predictable experiences for consumers so that recreational and medicinal cannabis can be enjoyed by everyone.

An entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, Jon Cooper never pictured himself in the cannabis industry. Even after it was legalized in Colorado, he had his reservations about the effects of the plant.

Over time, though, Jon was inspired by the countless stories of positive influences that medical cannabis had on individuals’ lives. At the same time, another aspect of the cannabis industry began to intrigue him — the same aspect, in fact, that had given him pause in the first place. There seemed to be simply no way to predict the experience of consuming cannabis. There was a clear inconsistency depending on the product, and even the same strain can vary from one plant to another. Could he be the one to change that?

In 2013, Jon launched ebbu in the hopes of answering that question. The company, based in Evergreen, Colorado, has grown into a global leader in data-driven, lab-tested cannabinoid research. Their science team have already have filed more than 40 cannabis-related patents representing 1500+ inventions.

For the first three years, ebbu focused on producing THC cannabis products. Now, the company has shifted its goals to focus on hemp-derived cannabinoid formulations that can power other people’s medicines and recreational creations. This way, the ebbu brand and its values — consistency, predictability, repeatability — can serve as a true paradigm for the future of cannabis production for dozens of other up-and-coming businesses.

ebbu has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg News, HBO Vice, PBS Newshour, Fast Company and many more.

Jon Cooper and his team have built ebbu’s technology platform on three pillars: transforming the cannabis product supply line with superior genetics, licensing their technologies to businesses around the world, and creating proprietary cannabis formulations. This unique approach allows ebbu to thrive as a company and a business while also impacting the industry in a positive way. For example, ebbu’s patent-pending Genesis Aqueous Drops  — created with lab-tested, clinically studied water-soluble cannabinoid technology — previously shook up the idea of edibles altogether: they could be added to just about any beverage.

Jon Cooper is the first to admit that, although it’s made leaps and bounds since its initial legalization in Colorado, the cannabis industry is still far from stable. While that presents many challenges, it also motivates him to make the most of his business so that they can set a standard that will be emulated for decades to come.

Jon Cooper is passionate about many things but ebbu and the cannabis industry rank as #1. Keep up with this blog for Jon Cooper’s insights into the cannabis industry as it evolves. For more, visit his ebbu news site or his leadership blog.